To delight in God’s love and share it with others


We are the only parents our children have got!! Yet often we are too busy to stop and assess what we are doing.

Every autumn, we run a parenting course at Burford Church. This 5 week practical course has been used in many different settings and is intended to inform, reassure, strengthen and fire us in our role as parents. The primary focus alternates each year between parenting children from 0-10 years old and parenting teenagers.

It is for those who are enjoying their children and want to think how to do things better, and equally for those who are feeling overwhelmed and defeated!

The five sessions will have a mixture of input (from Richard and Nicola Coombs), DVD clips, small group discussion with parents of similar-aged children and space for personal evaluation; and they aim to be fun and relevant.

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you go to church or not, whether you are parenting by yourself or as a couple.  If you are parenting together, you will benefit hugely from both coming on the course so you share the same tools.

For more details, please contact Nicola Coombs

The cost of the course is £20 per family.