To delight in God’s love and share it with others


The Marriage Preparation Course is for any couple of any age. The aim is to build firm foundations for a strong, loving and lifelong relationship. We will cover various issues such as getting to know each other, communication and conflict. We will look at what the Bible says about marriage and relationship. We will examine the Wedding service and consider the vows each of the couples are about to make. There will be exercises; some fun and some more serious and there will be no group discussion so each couple will only discuss the course with each other. The Marriage Preparation Course is based on Christian principles, and designed for couples with or without a Christian faith.

A one day course

9.45am - 4.00pm
at College Farm

Why do the course?

Marriage is the most exciting and the most challenging adventure we can undertake.
A good marriage doesn’t happen by chance.
Over 40% of marriages in the UK break down.
The best way to insure a marriage is to invest in it

Comment from previous course:

“To be honest we were a little wary as to what the day would have in store! However, as soon as we arrived we realised we had nothing to worry about. The day left us feeling closer than before as we actually discussed things we had not thought about and it also helped focus our attention onto our marriage rather than the wedding day itself.”

What can you expect on the day?

A fun day
Practical talks
Private discussion time
No group work
A good lunch!

Session Topics:

  • Knowing each other
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Shared Goals and values

We will have lunch between sessions 3 and 4 and after lunch there will be a short gap for all those who like a bit of fresh air so bring your wellies!

More information from:

Charles and Sue Hunter Smart
(01367) 850258