To delight in God’s love and share it with others

The 11am service follows a sermon series throughout the term and the details can be found below. The weekly 9.15am service follows the same format and the same sermon is preached at both.

Autumn Sermon Series

Lord, teach us to pray
6th August        A prayer to focus on God          Matthew 6:5-15
13th August      A prayer to change the world    Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
20th August      A prayer that is practical            Matthew 14:13-21
27th August      A prayer for our deepest need   Matthew 9:9-13

James - Genuine Faith
3rd September      Joy in Trials                   James 1:1-18
10th September    Listening Well                James 1:19-2:13
17th September    Faith and Works            James 2:14-26
24th September    The Power of Words     James 3:1-18
1st October           Coming back to God    James 4:1-12
8th October           Harvest service
15th October         Wisdom and Patience  James 4:13-5:20

22nd October    Giving
29th October     Giving

5th November    The Reformation

12th November  Remembrance Service